The Perks of Being a Teacher

A few months ago, I found my self at the brink of quitting the profession that I have chosen in my life. I felt then that I cannot do anymore what I have been doing for just a short period of time. Honestly, I want to scream out lout and tell the world that my life sucks. My feet have been heavy to carry as I walk to school, and it has been a burden to enter every class. Each day has become a boring routine and all I wish that time was the end of every quarter or end of the school year.

Who would not feel frustrated with so many demands in this job? It’s the most difficult profession that I know yet I chose. It’s one of the few jobs where you bring home your work and cut a little time for leisure. You have to do this and you have to prepare that. Lesson Plans. PowerPoint Presentations. Visual Aids. Record of the students. Checking.

What makes it worst when you are being reprimanded and criticized for not meeting the expectations of your superiors and even parents. It is even aggravated when you are being disrespected with students you are trying to help. There are times that you will want to walk away and just forget about this job. You are giving more, but you are being paid less. Even respect is not part of the compensation.

But if I quit and the rest of us quit, who will get this job? I just remember why I chose this profession over the rest that can make me prosper and put me on a high pedestal. God placed me here. I would have finished college with a degree in Business Administration, but I chose to be a teacher. I simply want to teach.

Even though I’ll fail many times and I won’t get what I deserve, I simply want to teach. For me, there’s no more rewarding than to look at the eyes of your students and see a dream that is waiting to be fulfilled. There’s no other fulfilling job than to help the fire in them burn and help them make their dreams into reality. It’s sad to see students get frustrated, but it’s a joy to help them rise after they fall and learn from their mistakes. It’s a heartwarming experience every time a former student greets you because you realize that that person continues to grow.

I have failed so many times, but I will still continue this. I committed so many mistakes already, but I am learning. I will try to improve this craft, and let the fire burn in me so that I can help others experience it in themselves. It’s all because I simply want to teach.


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