Remember the Samaritan Woman

I was tasked to teach older elementary children in our Sunday School. When I was preparing for the lesson, I put in my mind that I will be teaching them a lesson; but it turn out that during my preparation Lord has taught me one.

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible is John Chapter 4–the story of Jesus with the Samaritan woman. I have known the story for a very long time, but God always reveals new sides and new tastes of the story to me every time I revisit the chapter.

In the beginning verses of John, we see Jesus starting a conversation with a Samaritan woman. It’s very unlikely because Jesus was a Jew, and he was talking to a Samaritan woman. Jews and Samaritans were not in good terms. Jesus could have directed to the next city and avoided Samaria, but He opted to stay. That’s why we have this story. The Samaritan woman was not very special. Besides the fact that she was a Samaritan, she married five times, and was living with someone who’s not her husband. However, Jesus stopped there and started a conversation with the woman. As they developed a conversation, we will see a woman’s growing faith the way she addresses Jesus. From “You are a Jew” to “Sir,” “Are you are a prophet?” “You are the Messiah.”

The chapter is very precious to me because it reflects my first encounter with Jesus. Yes,  I knew Jesus before I met Him personally the way teachers, priests, and pastors describe Him and the way books define His character. But it was totally different the moment that I actually experience His presence in my life. It’s very amazing to think that the Messiah stopped on me regardless of my inequities. Although the Samaritan woman was a sinner, Jesus offered everlasting life to her. I am like the Samaritan woman for I don’t deserve anything from Jesus for the sins that I have done before and I have been doing. Why would Jesus waste His time on me. But I really thank the Lord for He took the time and initiative to start our special relationship.

At this point, many of us who accepted Christ as our Lord and Savior would have probably forgotten our first encounter with Christ. This story of the Samaritan woman will help us remember the time that we met Him on the way on the day that we least expected him to come. This story would remind us the beginning why we are still attending church because one day in our lives we see Jesus in the well. It will remind us the reason why we pray, we read our Bible, why we are Christians. It’s because there was one time that we encounter Jesus.

The story of the Samaritan woman is actually the same story we had when we first met Christ. As we remember the Samaritan woman, let us emulate what she did after that special encounter. She testified to others that she met the Christ.

And the mob believed in her testimony and put their faith to Christ.


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