2012: Best year ever

Six days to go before this year ends, but I would confess that 2012 has been the best year for me.

I had never done anything to deserve it, but God’s grace prevails as he showered the things that I had never imagined even in my wildest dreams. Although this year has been tough for me, the entire experience is worthwhile.

It was indeed a dream that has finally come true as I passed the entrance examination for a Master’s Degree at the University of the Philippines. A great fulfillment followed as I enrolled as a first year student. The first semester ignited a fire within me as I pursued another era of my academic life. The course, Educational Psychology, is very challenging. I praise the Lord for letting me get the highest possible grade at the end of the semester. Above all, nothing can compare the insights and lessons I learned that I immediately applied in my most loved endeavor-teaching.

Another breathtaking gift that I got was when I have been chosen to be the adviser of the star section in second year. My prayer for this school year has only centered for having good students (which I really got in fairness with all the sections I handled) and to stay in having the second year teaching load. It was beyond measure when I handled my most beloved II-6 especially when it’s just my second year in the school that I’m currently teaching.

For the first time in my life, this is the school year that I have finally embraced my job as a teacher. Although it was a very difficult job, I finally experienced endless joy and unexplainable fulfillment as I work every day and face my students and colleagues. Visits of students from previous school year also enlightened me every morning. Accomplishments by my students inspired me beyond measure. Nonetheless, this is the year that made my passion for teaching grand and intoxicating.

I have a lot more to thank God for this year, but above all, I’m grateful for this life that I have and the lessons that I learned throughout the year. I will remember this year forever. I hope next year would still be better. 😀


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