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A classroom is usually a place where the teacher teaches and the students learn or a place where the teacher instructs and the students just follow. For an ordinary teacher like me, I never see it that way since I entered in this classroom seven months ago. It has been a humbling experience to teach and learn at the same time. There was never a time that I left this room with an empty mind and heart. When I became a teacher, I always hope that my students would learn from me, but the students in this room never failed to teach me lessons that I would treasure forever.

Being given the chance to serve as an adviser of the cream of this batch of sophomores is a wonderful blessing that God has given me. I strongly believe that choosing this career is God’s calling for me, but for the two years that I have been teaching, I have been on a rocky road. There were so many days that I got frustrated, depressed, sorrowful, hurt, and all the negative feelings as if the world has been placed on my shoulders. I never even wanted to go to school, and each step I made to reach the fourth floor seemed to be an intense gravitational phenomenon. But that kind of life changed in my third year of teaching.

I was glad but pressured when I received my teaching load. I have heard so many great things about this group: champions, winners, musicians, mathematicians, geniuses, and the future of this generation. There were many voices that testify how good they are, and when I met them, those voices never went wrong. However, they do not possess the vicious-looking faces, villainous attitude, and antagonistic jargon that used to be a stereotype for a refined group of individuals. I was literally star-stuck with the star class, not because of the brains, but because of the innocent faces that I saw on the first day when I met them.

I love this school year not only because it gave me a relief from two bittersweet years, but it brought me in a class that I have been wishing to have since I graduated – the ideal the classroom. If I’ll be asked someday of the best class that I have including the classes I had as a student, this class would never be out of my mind since it occupies a huge portion of my happiness now as a teacher. This class ignited the passion that I once lost, helped me revive my love for my work, and appreciate every moment and every experience that I encounter.

Although the lessons were planned, many thoughts and ideas flourished because of them that even I and the books I read never mentioned. My funniest jokes are always welcomed with a roaring laughter although I admit that the accidental jokes that I effortlessly deliver are funnier than those that I eagerly share. I would like to thank and apologize to the people who became the object of my tendency to bully. Sorry for hurting you sometimes, and thank you for making yourself still available as a prey. By all means, I might be teasing them most of the time but I know that behind the caustic words I dropped is a strong belief that the receiver of those words will someday be leaders of this nation. Indeed, I am happy every day because all of them complete my day.

No bond is perfect without trials; our relationship has been tested. Even though our relationship was wounded, it taught me to be humble and to listen. I decided not to shut the doors and distant myself but to mend the wall, restore the broken connections, and that decision was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Indeed, love was sweeter the second time around. Day by day, the class still welcomes me even when I’m discouraged or when I’ve already lost my temper. They allowed me to show my humanity, and with that I hope that they already realized that I am cut from the same cloth with them. I too commit mistakes. Apologies were rarely said but it was felt. Indeed, the class saved me from the teacher that I would never want myself to become.

If there’s a truth that I would never be able to hide is this: I’m in love. I have fallen in love with 2-6. I’m addicted to the noise that I myself would never want to shout “Can I have total silence?” or “hey, Mrs. B.  is coming.”  I always feel that I’m in a cloud 9 every time I see them laugh until they cry, every time they say ‘Sir’ in the most sweetest way, every time they beg to be called during recitation, every time they say good morning when it’s afternoon or good afternoon when it’s still morning, every time they are surprised, every single moment I spend with them, every time they’ll ask if what I said was a joke when it was obvious that it is not,  every like that they click on my posts, every pm they send me in the chatbox even when I’m busy, every time that they would listen to me even their flesh and mind dictate them not to, every time I win in chess and GG especially when my opponents fail to recognize missing pieces, every time I raise my voice during the flag ceremony and threaten them for a deduction to those who do not sing.

I feel this kind of love because those people have shown me the kind of respect that I do not deserve. I’m grateful to have my class officers and those who are not who constantly help the officers in charge. They never fail to give their best whether it’s a little or a big responsibility. I’m also proud to all their accomplishments and how they utilize the talents that God has entrusted to them. They might not be aware but they are inspiring me; they make me believe that dreams do come true, that total dependence to God can make any impossible possible. I’m glad to be in a class of achievers, to be in the class who did their best in the choral contest, to be in a class who never failed to fulfill a promise, and to be in a class that has become one of my reasons to live. It has been a great school year for me because of a class that constantly pour out the best that they can.

Two years ago, I wrote to my advisory because of bitterness. Now, I wrote this note out of the abundance of an overwhelming love that I cannot contain anymore. The remaining days are only few, but I can certainly tell that this is the first class that would make me lock myself in the CR and cry on the day when they’ll leave this room on the closing day. Thank you for touching my life, for laughing at my jokes, for being obedient, for sharing your life.

I owe a lot of marvelous things from this class. I won’t become the teacher that I am now if not because of them. My days would never be complete without seeing them and hearing their voices. Actually, these words would never be enough to express how blessed, grateful, and proud I am that 2-6 has become my advisory class. Thank you and have a nice day.


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