Trust in the Lord

If there’s a verse in the bible that I memorized first, it’s not John 3:16. When I started reading the Bible wholeheartedly, I began with the book of Proverbs, and the first verse that I memorized that became a lifetime philosophy is Proverbs 3:5. It says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”


I started our first lesson a while ago, but before I presented the lesson today, I had a rigorous preparation of my PowerPoint and lesson plan. I did my editing several times. I kept on revising the PowerPoint and improving the contents of my lesson. When the day has come that I am about to execute my lesson plan, I am confident that it will go well.


Our day at work started with a devotion lead by my co-teacher. It was about depending on God with the things we do. I paid attention to the devotion leader, but while listening, I was still preparing my paraphernalia.


When I entered my classroom, I assigned somebody to get my LCD projector. After the homeroom, I even tested the projector if it was working. I made sure that everything was ready. I thought it was all perfect until I met my first class. Suddenly, I had a conflict with the schedule with another teacher. I was persistent that I will be able to get the timeslot. However, I was called by our assistant supervisor and she told me that my time would be rescheduled. Although my projector was set already, I had to vacate the room.


I took a break, and I went to my next class later on. I went there 5 minutes earlier so that I can set up the projector very fast, and my class would not be interrupted. Unfortunately, the cord of the LCD projector was lost, and I have to run back and forth just to find the missing piece. It took me few minutes to borrow from a co-teacher before I was able to start my lesson.


I was able to implement my lesson, but I learned a lesson along the way. I realized that I depended much on myself that much on God. I trusted God, but I realized that I trusted myself more. Although I prepared a lot and I was confident with my work, God taught me that without Him, I cannot do anything smoothly.


The day was over, and I was able to present my lesson, but it has been more rewarding for the lesson that I have learned as well. Trust in the Lord.


~And somebody returned to me the cord. 😀


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