A Heart Like Jesus


It is normal in human nature that a person dislikes certain group of people. One of them is me. There are specific people who sometimes annoy me, irritate me, or hurt me. Sometimes, I become so judgmental on other people because of their flaws or weaknesses–knowing that I, too, have my own.


I just came from a Saturday Worship Service, and I realized how Jesus reacted to those people. Every day, there will always be people who will go on our way and tempt us to change our moods, our excitement, our zest, and our views in life. There are people who will challenge us to the limits. There are people who will fight against us, and there are some who will bring us down. I have experienced it several times, and most of the time, I react not in a positive manner.


Through the speaker, God impressed on me the kind of love that I should possess. I suddenly absorbed the message of Christ raw in front of me. If there’s someone who has experienced worse than what we also experience daily, it’s Jesus. But no matter how annoying, irritating, or discouraging people were to Him, he showed a love that is one of a kind.


He still shared the good news to Nicodemus even if other Pharisees like him has been condemning Him. He still washed the feet of Judas and Peter although He knew that one of them will betray Him and the other one will disown Him. He still whispered the words “Lord, forgive them for they do not know what they’re doing,” even if those people spat on Him, cursed Him, and ridiculed Him. He still laid His life for all humanity even to the people who have forgotten Him. Finally, He still loves us even if sometimes we forget our commitment to Him and our ministry.


So the next time that you and I will encounter a person who is unlovable and unlikable, let us remember  how Jesus showed His love. 😀


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