Teaching is not Easy

I was delighted after I got accepted in my job. Signing my contract confirms that I will become a full-pledged teacher for another school year.

My job description is clear. I will be teaching High school students with the specialization that I have. But beyond that broad responsibility lies myriad of other obligations that I have to do.

There was a time last year that I got too stressed with my job, and I realized that teachers are not only teachers. We are actually doing other jobs as well.

Before we meet our students, we act as engineers. We prepare our blueprints or the lesson plans. Without a lesson plan, a teacher might lose a mental picture of what is going to happen inside the classroom. Like a structure, the foundation that we will establish among our students will be broken without a clear plan.

As we meet our students, teachers do not just talk. We act as advertisers. If we will just talk in front of the class, there is no assurance that everybody will listen and pay attention. We often devise a gimmick that will make our students use their five senses while we discuss our lesson. In doing so, we become actors, comedians, and politicians in front of them. We forget ourselves. Sometimes, I left the classroom with a disheveled hair that I did not notice because I was busy capturing the hearts and minds of my students.

Outside the classroom, we become policemen as we enforce the rules and regulations of the school. We make sure that there is peace and order. Sometimes, we have to be investigators as well. We do not see all violations, so we have to form a fact-finding committee. When the accused is proven guilty, we act as psychologists. We become guidance counselor in an instant or a pastor when we provide spiritual advice.

When we return to our office, we become office clerks as we face the pile of paper works that we have to accomplish. We also perform the job of a bookkeeper as we record the scores of the students. Sometimes, I wish that those numbers could be digits in my bank account that every number that I input in my class record will make me rich. However, in case that a student gets a failing mark, I need to switch into a call center agent and inform the parent so that the student will be able to do well next time.

Although teaching job gets much of my time and energy, I believe that there’s no other work in the world that can satisfy me than what teaching does to me now. I am determined to do all the obligations that are entrusted to me, and I will do it with love and passion.

To all the teachers like me, let us keep the light in our torches burning!


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