Happy Day

The universe will conspire itself with our lives the moment we chose to be optimistic. Of course, I still do not subscribe in any Western religion. I just want to express how happy I am today. Well, actually, it all started with the good movie that I watched last night that made it hard for me to wake up this morning. I hurriedly traveled to school. I skipped my morning devotion, but I caught up reading my Bible on my way. I was glad to read something about “giving” which I think is something that I must improve. I was very glad because I had so many accomplishments at school. I am happy because I enjoyed all the classes that I attended today plus another blessing that I never expected. Well, that blessing made me so happy. On my way home, I was determined to finish a lot of tasks, but kindred to what I did in the past, I just sat down and relaxed when I came home. Fortunately, I was able to  keep on tract. I accomplished several things to do, most of them are paperworks. I am about to sleep now, but I still cannot contain how God made my day. He is really awesome and His ways keep on surprising me.


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