Trusting God’s ways

For the entire vacation, I also took a leave in giving my tithes. I have been doing it since I started working. Although I became dry in giving, the Lord has continually prospered me as far as my finances is concerned. I am really amazed how he turned everything in a remarkable way.

When I got my salary last June 15, I gave what was for the Lord. My salary increased a little bit, but I gave what was really His. Before the month ended, my budget was really tight; but I am thankful that I survived until the end of the month.

Meanwhile, I won a small amount last May from an electronic raffle in a fast food chain. A few days ago, I checked the same site if I won this month. Unfortunately, I did not see my name. But lo and behold, I received a text message from the food chain that I won the same prize this month. I checked the site, and I really did. I cannot contain my happiness because God is indeed faithful and generous. This year, I eyed to align my time with God’s way. It is recently that I realized that it is also about time to align my finances to His as well.

For me, God is an awesome God. He really is. All we need is trust His ways.


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