An Encounter

Every time I am traveling, I always realize that I should start reading books again. Because of the demands of my work, my studies, and my ministry, I sacrificed the luxury of reading books that I want. I still read, but I only read books that I need in my work, school, and church. Whenever I feel the urge to grab a book, I always decline to move my muscles and start reading.


A while ago, I was determined to accomplish many tasks. I had to cram because I have been busy all Saturday and Sunday. All I had was three hours. Unfortunately, I grew tired, and I decided to rest already because my neurons were not working anymore. That was time that I got the guts to grab the book that I have started reading last month.


Actually, the book “Touch” written by Pastor Rasmus captured my heart when I read the first chapter, so I decided to continue on. I cannot explain the feeling, but while reading words, I felt like it was piercing me into pieces. I had goose bumps and it was really a thrilling experience. I even cried towards the end of the second chapter. I do not understand why. I rarely cry while reading a book unless the narration is really heartfelt. For that matter, the author really spoke to me, and I felt the love and grace of Christ even more.


Amidst the challenges I face right now, I experienced Jesus’ wonderful gift of peace and joy. He reminded me through the book that I can always count on Him no matter what. If I face trials, it’s the best way to hold on to Him and let him take over.


I never intended to read a book tonight, but doing so is something that I do not regret; for it makes me love my Savior in a deeper way and see His glory through a different lens.


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