A different Sunday

When I woke up this morning, I thought that it would be another Sunday similar with other Sundays until I figured out that it was different.


I was still depressed with what happened to my laptop, and I felt too bad that it took me some minutes before I got up from my bed and prepare for church. When we arrived, I was still down and I was hesitant to clap my hands and sing praises to God. When I remembered the message of a preacher a few days ago that a worship service is not about us, I gave in to the invitation of the Lord to worship Him from the inside out. From that moment, I was amazed how wonderful God’s love for me. I listened to the sermon with focused mind and heart.


After the service, I realized that the Sunday school teacher for the young people was not around. Being the one in-charge of Sunday Schools, I must be weary to appoint someone to take over. While other classes have already started, the young people were left without a shepherd. We organized our class already, but still no teacher would like to put one step forward. I just wonder why God implanted a burden in my heart and compelled me to open the Bible and led me one of the chapters of the book of John. By God’s grace, I took charge of our class; and I taught and learned at the same time.


After the Sunday school, I was tempted to go home because of a lot of things to accomplish. The only thing that keeps me from going home was the assignment to lead the devotion in our church council meeting. Once again, I followed the burden that God put on me: I stayed. Unfortunately, the powerpoint for the devotion was not in the church laptop anymore. I depended on God’s wisdom over the scripture that I will be using, and experienced the message again fresh from the Bible. His message never failed to surprise me.


Later in the evening, I was too tired that I took a nap even though I have to finish several tasks. When I woke up, I did not do anything else than to wait for announcements if there’ll be no classes and watch the game of Gilas and Iran. I never tuned in twitter that long before, and I never watched a basketball game as enthusiastically as that before. Although the game did not turn out so well, I am still happy that the Philippine Team will qualify to join the FIBA World; and I am more happy that classes for tomorrow will be suspended.


Finally, I did not put the announcement in vain. I made use of the time to continue reading the book that I started to read last month. I stopped reading books for personal consumption since I got busy in my work and M.A. classes. Once again, I am too glad that God is using authors to touch our hearts and prompt our minds. I really love the book by Pastor Rasmus.


I just want to share this because I also miss writing a blog entry.


God is indeed great! I give Him all the honor and glory. 😀


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