I was at the brink to quit already when I found God’s grace and love restoring me in the process.

Joy and excitement ruled over me before the beginning of the new school year because the Lord granted all the favors I asked to Him. The work was really awesome and the students who are entrusted to me were very nice. I gave my best in preparing lessons, and I made sure that everything I do must be excellent. I walked an extra mile, even more than what I did in the previous school years. At first, I left every classrooms happy and contented; but after a while, I grew tired especially when tons of papers started to overwhelm me. There were times that I did not even write a list of things to do because my things to do cannot fit in anymore in the list. In short, I had burnouts. There were times that I had anger outburst. I also became downhearted, unmotivated to continue.

In these trials, I was amazed to see and feel the love of the Lord at a closer glance. In Him, I experienced the peace and rest that I have been longing for weeks. He reminded me that His power and strength are greater than the best effort that I cann exert to finish a task. He showed me an amazing kind of love than I cannot manufacture on my own. Those nights and mornings I spent with Him renewed the passion that almost cooled down in my heart.

When I went to school this week, I witnessed God’s working hand led me to see things through His eyes and work on things through His hand. It was awesome to feel and think using His heart and mind. In the process, I realized that burnouts are inevitable, but there is always a remedy. We just have to run to God for rescue and He will never fail us. The Lord is, indeed, a faithful God.



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