Classes have been suspended for almost a week, yet I am guilty of not having any significant accomplishment.


Weeks before the wrath of bad weather, I was complaining and suffering pressure at my work and studies because I have a lot of things to do, but I only have a very short time to finish them. I thanked the Lord that I still made it despite the time constraints. I must also thank for the pressure given to me that I must cram until to the last minute that I finished something worthwhile.


Many of us are like that. We accomplish something when we are pressured. I don’t wonder why I did not accomplish many meaningful activities this week. I did not set any goal, and I did not face deadlines. All I did was similar to the things I did during the summer vacation. I relaxed while the weather was so inviting for serenity.


In Journalism, one of the elements that make people read news is conflict. Many people are interested in conflicts. We are more productive when there is more conflict.


We finish tasks, do our assignments, start our projects, and other things to do when the deadline is already tomorrow. We sleep late at night and squeeze our brains until our last precious thoughts are imprinted in our craft.


We would never give our best if there’s no conflict at stake. Imagine a candidate in politics who has no opponent. That person would not spend a lot in the campaign anymore. But if that person has many opponents, you will expect that candidate to spend sums of money and use his best resources and efforts just to win.


When we play games, we just play for fun and it’s not important with us whether we win or lose. On the other hand, we play differently when there’s something that is at stake. We will do our best if fame, a prize, or glory is at stake.


I remember having discussion and the same faces were participating. I decided to raise the bar and give credit to every input in the discussion. Lo and behold, even the most apathetic person will dare share his insight. Many students are like that.


Conflicts are everywhere. We might only recognize them in the literary works that we read, but in reality, they exist. We don’t see them as they are, but they are lying deep beneath the surfaces of our lives.  Whether we like it or not, conflicts affect us and how we live.


What is your conflict?


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