God’s Grace

If there’s something in the world that I am truly amazed, it would be God’s wonderful grace.


I could write all my sins on a paper, but I cannot tell how much days I need to finish the list. I know in my heart that even if I call myself a Christian, I am ashamed to admit that I have fallen short before God and I do not deserve to be His child. Many times I failed and there are many days that I lived a life far from Him. I did things against His plan, and I sometimes neglected the mission the I was supposed to do for Him. In short, I don’t deserve anything coming from Him.


Despite my ugly life, I cannot imagine why a great and awesome God would mind to notice and accept me. From then, I can’t help but worship the Lord when I came to understand further the meaning of grace. The Lord loves us so much, and that love is unconditional. There is nothing that we can do or should do to deserve this love. We may continue to sin or do something against His will, but that doesn’t make Him love us less. His love is constant; it will never change.


I will never forget the day when I came running home with my eyes full of tears, and I saw the Lord running towards me. There’s nothing more comforting than the hug of the Father with assurance of forgiveness in spite of what I had become. It’s an amazing encounter to finally release the burden that I had been carrying in my heart all these years. His sight and smile gave me the strength to live my life according to His Will. I had the peace that I have been longing for a vey long time.


God’s grace is undeniably the greatest gift in the history of mankind.

I have opened mine.


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