My Personal Retreat

I have been so busy  last month that I had a rare moment with God.


Ever since, I gave everything to anything that I am working on. To make sure that it’s excellent, I devote much time and effort on it. I had a lot of tasks last semester. I had to finish my requirements for my two subjects in masters. I had to finish things at work, and I also had to accomplish things for my extra work. I was enjoying at first, but everything turned me into exhaustion.


After being burned out with so many work piled up on my desks, I realized that I cannot breath anymore. I am alive, but I am like the tsunami zombie in the game I’m playing in my android phone. I lost the passion and enthusiasm that God breathed on me at the beginning of this school year. I was too focused on my work that I lost track in my devotion to my Savior.


The more I engrossed my self to work, the less time I was able to open my Bible, pray, and have an intimate conversation with the Lord. I missed out days where I was supposed to worship Him and honor Him instead of doing all the work all the time. I easily got tired and frustrated with what happened to my life until one day, I found myself lying on my bed tired, helpless, and almost dead.


With all the things that happened to me, I learned that we should not soak ourselves in our work because it will kill us while we are alive. It may not kill our physical being, but it might kill our emotional and spiritual being. I  felt my spiritual tank has ran out, and I can’t give anymore.


God’s perfect timing appears in a moment that I least expected it. A realization was made after I felt Jesus hugging me and giving me rest like what He promised in Matthew 11:28. Finally, I had the peace I have been yearning for.


Thank you, Jesus.


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