here are few stories that I experienced just recently that is worth-telling.




This November, we are having a fund-raising campaign that aims to support some institutions that reach the less fortunate. During the launching day, our collection in my advisory class was not that satisfactory. It has always been hard for me to challenge young people to give (and to give more). I was successful before, but it always takes some time and effort.


On the days that follow, I kept on sharing verses and inspirations about giving. I’ve been praying for my kids to be touched by the Lord, and realized the fulfillment in giving. Surprisingly, we’ve reached four digits already, and it has stayed there for consecutive days. I did some other strategies, and I thanked the Lord that He impressed on me that the impossible is always possible with Him.




I watched the news. I saw what happened, but I haven’t given anything (even the deepest prayer) until last Sunday when God touched my heart.


Last week was just the same ordinary week except of course the resounding news about the remnants of typhoon Yolanda. It was pay day last Friday, and when I had my breakfast in Jollibee one morning, I saw the ad on the newspaper about the SM Megamall Sale. I haven’t been on a sale for months, and I got excited to go there last weekend. I told myself that I’m gonna spend much on buying stuff. I was too bad that I even planned to compromise my tithes so I can buy more.


During the service, I worshipped the Lord through praise and worship; I listened to His message, and I gave my offering. I was not prepared that there’s actually special offering for typhoon yolanda victims. I don’t believe in special offering, and I rarely give in my entire life when there’s a special offering, and I was thinking that anything in my wallet was allotted for buying stuff few hours after the service.


As I said, I never give in a special collection. If I give, it’s always required or out of pressure; but the Lord touched my heart. For the first time in my life, I learned the meaning of sacrifice in the most different way. Wholeheartedly, I opened my wallet, and I gave my offering. I felt God was embracing me at that moment. I was awestruck also with what happened, but it taught me a very important lesson. Whatever the price of it, I know I already received God’s blessing on that particular moment.





There’s another collection for the victims of typhoon yolanda in the school (aside from the fundraising campaign). Although I am not the one in-charge, I was saddened that very few in my advisory class are actually giving. Then, I decided to share my testimony to the class. I told also the headline news in Inquirer that even a Japanese kid (who is definitely not a Filipino) and even the poor people in Manila opted to give what they have to help the victims.


During my English time, we didn’t even have a pouch for collection. I even asked a student of mind to lend her pencil case for collection. I roamed around and collect whatever they decided to give. I was surprised what happened next. Before that, we didn’t have even a pouch for collection and we have nothing at all.  Afterwards, I wanted to cry when the pencil case was full of money. My heart was filled with joy, because FAITH really works, and God moves in mysterious ways in the heart of my students.


At the end, it just boils down with the verse… “For God loves a cheerful giver.”


I feel blessed today, and I can’t help but smile while writing this entry. God is really faithful.  


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