On Becoming 24

I kept on summoning the Lord to ask Him about His plan for my life now that I am turning 24.


Every time I look at the calendar these days, I am reminded of the things I have to face like decisions to be made and  choices to take. Since the day I restored my relationship with the Lord as He brought me up to the higher level of my faith, He allowed me to see things through His eyes. Amidst all the challenges and hurdles I have to face everyday, the only reason why I pass each test is my strong grip of His promises as I feel His love that endures forever.


What are my concerns now that I’ll be adding another year in my age? Career, love life, commitments, academic and professional growth–to name a few– are the things I kept on pondering on most of the time. I’m still seeking on His plan for me, and I’ll patiently wait.


As I travel early in the morning and at early evening, I look back on things that happened to me for the past months and I know God allowed it to happen to make me even stronger and able to survive despite the gravity of the things I have to endure. The Lord is indeed faithful to me–no matter how I became less faithful to Him. I learned to be obedient and patient after I disobeyed Him so many times. I realized that the Lord has been letting me realize some important lessons from time to time. As I unfold every lesson He wanted me to learn, I can’t help but smile with joy and feel a burning passion deep inside my heart. He’s really indescribable: His love and Him alone.


I count my blessings, big or small. I recognized that God has never left me through the highest and lowest peaks of my life. He’s been with me all along, and I cannot express how much I am overwhelmed of His love for me.


I’m looking forward for a new life on the day I’m turning 24. The Lord is faithful yesterday, today, and forever.


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