Ready for Another Year?





Many people believe that New Year is always a new beginning. For me, every new chapter of our lives is a new beginning. We have our choice when to begin a fresh start.




Looking back through the years, I realized that I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, so for this year, I decided to make a list. In a continuously changing and busy world we thrive in, it is a common desire of every person to improve oneself. The fact of the matter is that it is always easy to make yourself better when all things about you seem normal and good. The challenge happens when you have become the worst version of yourself or a totally different person from whom you used to be. Then, pursuing a resolution might seem to be a journey to the planet Mars.




I have a lot of things to improve in myself, and looking at my list in my 2014 journal, I could say that this is going to be a grand goal as if I’m eyeing a gold medal in the Olympics or a trophy from the Academy Award. The giant voices will whisper that it’s not going to be easy. Certainly, it’s the truth; nothing will be easy.




Change, they say, is the only permanent thing in the world, but if change happens within our course,  the permanent seems to be synonymous with impossible. All along, I have fallen in love with the idea of change especially in the environments where I belong; but when the change prompts its path in me, that is entirely  a different story.




Many things happened, and I have changed farther than I could ever imagined. One thing is for sure: the love of God has never changed. There is nothing in what I did for Him to love me less or for Him not to love me at all. His love has always been unconditional.  Every time I whisper a prayer or flip the pages of His Word, He allows me to experience an amazing kind of love as if feeling it for the first time. Then all the hardships of this idea of changing become more of a blessing than a burden. The moment I surrendered again my life to him is the moment I was assured that life would not be easy, but it’s bearable with Him.




Through the years, I’ve been to many journeys and venturing to a new expedition like this is the most exciting of all. I’m taking the risks. The time to embrace and welcome the unexpected appears to be a delectable cuisine and a wonderful sight. 2014 has come, and I would be the most excited protagonist in  God’s wonderful story book. It’s His story, not mine.




Hello 2014. My name is Khristian, and let’s be friends.




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