Hallelujah to the Lamb

Nothing was so extraordinary about Sunday except that I was not able to jog for waking up so late. After rising from bed, I went directly to the dining table and savored my breakfast. I ate a little, drank my coffee, and read a book.


I was glad that I have only 5o pages  to read, and after that, I will be able to finish another book for 2014. God just told me the same story, and perhaps He’s reiterating all of what the author says so I will be able to digest and apply it whenever it occurs in my life.


On our way to church, I kept on playing Zombie Tsunami. Excitement filled my heart after being frustrated to finish some missions in the game. The thrill subsided when we finally arrived at the church.


Yes. We are not late. For the  first time in 2014 (I can’t remember anymore when we were earlier than the start of the  service), we finally made it. Still, nothing is so special with this day.


Moments later, the song leader of the praise and worship team invited us to stand and sing for God. That was indeed another routine that we always do every Sunday that even we close our eyes, we know what will come next and how well we will be able to do it.


Everybody knows it’s Sunday. I knew it was, and I memorized how Sunday has always been packed and wrapped for us. My idea about Sunday has been revived when we started singing an old Don Moen song entitled “Hallelujah to the Lamb” and my morning has never been the same.


“Lord I stand in the midst of a multitude 

Of those from every tribe and tongue 

We are Your people redeemed by Your blood 

Rescued from death by Your love”


Coming from different deadlines and workloads, I came to understand that it was not as ordinary as I thought it was. Standing in His sanctuary on a Sunday is actually a privilege that I am entitled to experience. Having the privilege is like getting a VIP ticket, a wonderful recognition, or a special treatment.  With all the people He created, there I was standing and praising Him for what He has done for my life throughout the week. Finally, everything will be all about Him.


“There are no words to express my praise 

But I will lift up my voice 

And sing from my heart 

With all of my strength” 


Many people will agree with me that we are all tired during Sunday. If we were given a chance, we might spend all day resting on our bed and enjoying a day off from work. Having a lot of conversations during the week, we run out of words during Sunday. Not only that, we seem helpless to give our best in worshipping God; but since it is a privilege, our heart flames like fire and sing from our heart. Our lips are uncontrollable as it wells praises to the indescribable God of the universe.  Passion and amazement rule over us, and we make our voices as audible as the sound of God’s heart beat. We offer an act of worship that we have never than before–always new, always better.


“Release Your power 

To work in us and through us 

Till we are changed 

To be more like You “


God’s faithfulness in my life and to everyone is overwhelming. He works in us as He makes us better people everyday while loving us more than we could ever imagine. He loves us that He only not works in us but also through us.  As we become more like Christ, He uses us to manifest His love to our brothers and sisters and to the people who don’t know Him yet.


Hallelujah to the Lamb! My Sunday has turned into something extraordinary, and it’s all because of His grace. I am now excited for the next Sundays and other moments that I’ll be able to offer a simple act of worship to a mighty God.



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