Fighting Temptations

I was reading a Christian-themed book yesterday, and I felt that God was plotting the life I had as a Christian. I prayed and read my Bible more passionate yesterday than any other day this week. God made me feel that He’s like embracing me with an indescribable kind of intimacy.


The day and night seemed to be perfect until an invitation to sin came. The temptation was as promising as any other  luring advertisements. It provoked my inner desires and rekindled the urges of my eartthly flesh. I want to say yes, but the voice of the Holy Spirit was bolder and louder than the voice of the tempter. I realized that giving in to that sin might give me temporary happiness and fulfillment, but definitely it will make me again dirty, small, and worst of all devastated because of guilt. I remember that since I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior and as He validated his unconditional love to me day in and day out, I know I am protected though I don’t wear an armor nor I live in a fortress. Eventually, I read my Bible and opened it to the reminders of Paul for Christian living to the Colossians, Ephesians, and Galatians. After that, I felt peace from Jesus, and my desire to say yes to sin finally vanished.


God works in amazing ways like this. Good thing that His protection is limitless.  I have to prepare now for worship.


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