Christianity is not a religion; it’s about relationship

Many authors have claimed that Christianity is not a religion, but it names the relationship between Christ and man. Before I read it again in another book and accuse the author for using a cliché, I best learned  this idea when I visited the prayer mountain.


Having the humblest intention to go there to ask for guidance in decision-making and all the other things I have to consult with God, I never expected that I will have an experience beyond anything I could ever expect. After two hours of prayer and meditating upon His Word, the Lord reminded me about my spiritual birthday (which was last March 20) and the visit could actually be the celebration of our anniversary. 


I was embarrassed with God for having forgotten our special day. Then, I came to realize that if Christianity is really about relationship with the Lord, then special moments like this should not be forgotten. I wonder how I have celebrated monthsaries and anniversaries when I was still in a relationship, but I was not able to do the same thing with God.


During those special occasions, we buy gifts. We make reservations. We plan everything that will happen in that special date, and our goal is to make it memorable with the person we love the most. We tend to celebrate year-long together. Because we are so sweet, we have gone to far and we celebrate once a month to commemorate our love story. Not only that, we talk to our special better-half as if there is no tomorrow. We utter the sweetest word and call them with an endearment pleasing to the ears. We always want to be together, and if ever we will be apart, we’ll subscribe to any means just to contact each other.


I suddenly apologized to God when I realized that. There is no greater embarrassing moment than to be guilty of taking God for granted. I became part of God’s wonderful celebrations like Christmas parties, Easter, concerts, camps, retreats, and other corporate worship activities. Unfortunately, there are very few occasions when I did the celebration with only the two of us. Worst of all, I can’t remember when was the last time I remember celebrating for my spiritual birthday.  I’ve been so busy these days, and I must admit that I forgot to nurture the most important relationship of all — my relationship with the Lord.


My experience in prayer  mountain is just a reminder that no matter how close I am with the Lord or no matter how often I attend to church activities and involve myself in God’s ministry, there will still ways prompting me to deepen and intensify the kind of relationship I have with God… The Lord is Someone worth-pursuing.


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