When God says NO

There was just this day that my feet led me to a call center company and apply for a job. I have been a teacher for four years, and I just resigned to my previous work; thus I  need to be employed pretty soon. I still have plans for finding a teaching position, yet I found myself in a different domain wondering if I can also fit in.


After I submitted the resume, I thought that it was the beginning of something. I imagined myself doing a different kind of work while enjoying irresistible perks. Plus the company is located few kilometers away from our home.  The application process was really complicated, and I have to undergo that process for almost 12 hours. Upon waiting, I kept on praying while reading a book entitled “Fresh Start.” I easily got excited and thrilled about a great opportunity coming my way, but the book that I was reading has strongly pointed out that my application in that particular line of work was not the fresh start that I need. Still, I stayed and continued the process.


I went through initial interview, English and technical proficiency tests, Versant test, another interview, simulation test, and the panel interview.  The recruiters and managers were really impressed how I was able to give my best shot in the process. While they were orienting us about the roles and benefits that we will have in case we get in, I got tempted to accept it and eventually leave the calling that God  impressed on me few years ago: that is teaching.  My credentials and skills really fit in the job that I was applying although it demands a total overhaul of what I used to do. I already envisioned a better life and greater experience, but I was extremely struggling because I didn’t feel peace at that very moment.


In the end of the process, the managers said yes to my application, but the recruiter told me that they can only lay down the job offer if I am going to file a leave of absence to my masters education. That was something I can not do because I have set a clear goal to finish it on time. The road to success was indeed paved itself in front of me, but I can hear a loud silence that God doesn’t want me to pursue it. I can say yes, and do what was being demanded to me, but the Lord made it tough for me for good. In the end, I did not accept it although they are already willing to embrace me as part of their team if I’ll do what they want.


I might regret doing the application and how it turned out, but I am really glad of that experience because it taught me a great lesson. When I came home which was already 2 A.M., I had peace even if I’m exhaustingly tired when I suddenly remembered the promises of God. The offer was quite impressive, but the Lord revealed to me that He has greater plans for me if I only trust and follow His heart. Along the way, I developed a deeper understanding of how God works and how He loves each one of us. Twists and turns like this made me closer to the One who continuously working in my life.


When God says no is not a bad thing after all.


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