Something to Ponder…


We live in an age where people hold gadgets that capture every single detail of our humanity. The world prescribes what we need, and we follow the current of fanaticism as if we are floating in rapids.

Whether we admit it or not, we have eventually become captives. We accept almost everything that we believe will benefit our lives. The choices we make and the decisions we consider define the values that we uphold. Are we satisfied?

As we cross our pathways everyday, we have to face the reality that even though the world seems to dictate our story, we have to hold the steering wheel and take control of our short life.

We face grand battles everyday. Although we don’t live in an era of gladiators, wars of nations, and massive revolutions, we are part of the frontliners as we go to our respective workplace, school, and community. Our only weapon is our passion, and our goal is to forever win our cause. We have to accomplish our mission, the unwritten and unsung reason of our existence. We have to save lives by making transformation happen in us and through us.

As Shakespeare said, “The world’s a stage, and we are merely players.” Each one of us is a character of one great epic of humankind. Our story is woven from every fabric of individuality that creates an extraordinary tapestry–a masterpiece that is worth-remembering in our history. We possess talents, skills, and abilities that make us real invincible superheroes . We don’t need to go in theatres to watch for great human beings with super power. They are everywhere.

We hear impressive news from time to time, but we ourselves are capable of making them. When we speak, we can create a mantra that everyone else will love to utter. Our thoughts and ideas–when expressed–can become the battlecry of this generation. We must be an agent of inspiration, encouragement, and reformation. Words are powerful. They can change lives, and eventually manufacture greatness and excellence.

If we only use the gift from the One who created us, we will definitely have a world that is a safe place to live. We can experience paradise, a heaven on earth. If we would live as He lived, love would be our definition of lifestyle and we would always consider the good of others before ours. There would be no audience, except the One.

It’s not a matter of what we are. It’s just a matter of who we are.

Will you make a difference? We have few years, few months, few days, and few hours left.

Let us use our time wisely. Live your philosophy, and it will create a legacy that lasts.


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