What’s your life’s purpose?

It has been two months since I decided to accept the reality that I now belong to Young Adults Group.

Growing in wonderful years as a youth member, it was difficult to leave a group that has been used by God to mold me into what I am now. The people and the experiences with the youth group are treasures that I will keep forever in my heart, but I have to move on now.

A friend of mine who inspired me in our younger years is the same person who encouraged me to join the young adults’ Sunday school class. At first, I was reluctant, but deep inside I felt the need to fit in and soak myself in a new river of learning.

The lessons in Sunday school, especially the most recent one, taught me the same lessons I learned several years ago but through a different perspective.

Everything seemed ordinary. We were asked to read verses in the first chapter of Philippians, and I was amazed how Paul articulated the words that none of us might dare to express. I admire the level of faith that he has. I wish I had or will have the same intense devotion to Christ as Paul had. Our teacher elaborated the readings by identifying the marks of a true Christian.

I thought I was just relearning things until our teacher asked a very common question, “What is your life’s purpose?” I know I have answered the same question many times before. The question has come from different formats and I am sure that I gave the most well-versed responses every time the question was asked.

But I was wondering why we had a sudden silence after the question was raised. Could it be a rhetorical question? Probably not. I knew the answer before, but now that I am in the real arena of life, I found the question quite harder than never before.

Others might misinterpret me, but I can answer the question if I want to, yet I admit that it needs longer time to ponder and deeper faith to answer. Now I understood the quote “easier said than done.” There are so many ideal things that I thought before when I was an adolescent that seemed irrelevant now when I became an adult.

As a young adult, I am exposed to the realities of life — good and bad. I carry a greater burden — heavier than those I carry before when I was still a student. I have a deeper understanding of things and I know that to live is never easy. Now, I understood our young adults in the church and any young adult elsewhere.

“What’s my life’s purpose?” I knew it, and I am now thinking about it again. This is one of the questions that we don’t usually think about everyday.

From now on, I should think about it… and experience God’s grace on me more and more.


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