Mercy and Compassion: Thoughts on Papal Visit

I like the theme of the papal visit which is mercy and compassion. To be honest, these two things are too noble, and I am still trying hard to possess them. No wonder these remarkable traits give greater glory to the one who models them–our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I have watched and heard a lot about Pope Francis even before his arrival tomorrow. Thanks for the media hype. I am not a Catholic, but I admire the pope for his humility and radical actions in the Catholic church. Not that I agree to all of his beliefs, but I respect his attitude especially to the poor to whom the Lord Jesus has served. I admire the pope, and I am not against him. I hope that’s clear.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to see him personally because only the National Capital Region was given the chance to have a holiday and spend the time with the pope in his visit. I understand that the holiday for Manilenos will manage the traffic and enhance the security in that event. However, the pope visit is just once in a lifetime. It will cost a person thousands of pesos just to go to Vatican City and listen to the message that will be given by the pope. I just wonder why the national government can easily declare a national holiday when there’s a religious celebration and even the Chinese New Year, which is celebrated every year while a once-in-a-lifetime event cannot have the same treatment.

Meanwhile, I am annoyed how the media sensationalized the Papal visit. No wonder if many people will be able to encounter the Pope and miss CHRIST. I am sure that the pope will come here to spread the message of Jesus. I am just wondering why some songs and even messages are directed to the Pope. I rarely hear that the focus in a newsreport is God. I believe that the Pope himself do not advocate that; but media have been doing it. I just hope and pray that after this, media will have mercy and compassion to the people by showing us the truth without manipulations and biases. The people deserve to know the truth, and so far, I am not satisfied with too much editorializing in news and shallow newsreport especially in a particular network.

Roads, bridges, and infrastructures are being repaired for this memorable event. The world’s spotlight is set too soon, so the people in-charge do everything to have a good show. I just regret to see some classrooms that do need to be repaired. I am too sad that we have funds even for diapers, but we lack the funds for purchasing more books and investing more materials in education. I just hope that we will have mercy and compassion also to the young people who will inherit our faith. Would they still believe in the true God if we will not show them mercy and compassion as they go to school?

Faith without action is dead. In Filipino, ningas-kugon. I hope my translation makes sense. Some people are really good occasionally but not all the time. There are times that we are good in patching things up temporarily. But isn’t it that mercy and compassion should be long-lasting and permanent? We are not creating a reality show. We are creating reality itself. Why can’t we do what we will do in the papal visit everyday?

Again, I guess mercy and compassion are things that are really hard to show. Of course, I am no exception. I just hope that through this experience, we will finally have a thoughtful reflection.


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