This is the time that I feel that I have to put it all in writing.  I have random thoughts and sentiments that I hope develop into something good, and if not, I hope they’ll vanish like vapor.

I have been so busy and preoccupied lately to the point that I have my batteries drained to the max. Whenever I work on something, I always give my best; but I guess my best this time might just be good enough.

It’s March already, and my first school year in my new workplace is about to end. I am sure that I did my part to perform my tasks, but doing the climax for the entire thing is not so clear for me. I am trying to put things back altogether, but honestly, I don’t know how to make it work. I am so thankful for my new job since it’s a job that I have prayed for and asked to God. Of course, there are little things that I don’t like but there are more pros than cons. I like the job, the few minutes travel time from home to school, and the short official time. I feel happy whenever I see a student anywhere I go since I work within our community. (Thinking about that makes me happy, and I forgot that I have conflicts within.) I guess I just got tired.

Speaking of March, this is the third month that I am attending in a different church. I walked away for the meantime from my home church because of personal reasons and I wish I’ll be back soon. But a while ago, I was prompted to make a decision. The topic in the church that I am attending lately calls all the people who don’t belong to a small group to be part of it. I went to church alone a while ago, and my seatmate asked me if I would want to join their small group. I didn’t know what to say. That was fast. I didn’t want to make rash decisions, but I have to give it a thought. Should I?

I don’t have problems as far as relationship with God is concerned. Do I? If there’s something that I actually miss right now is having to be involved in a ministry and join a fellowship. Maybe, that’s it. Could it be the reason of this draining? I am not so sure. Maybe…

I rarely don’t post something that I haven’t finished yet, but perhaps, this would imply that I have not made the decision yet… I would make it soon.


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