Slowing Down

Only very few days from now, I will become one year older again. I don’t know whether that fact is something to be happy about or not.

For the past 11 months this year, I found my trail of busy schedule and extreme workaholic behavior–both in work and graduate studies. I know I had never in any point in my life did I engaged my self in great dedication in certain activities such as the things I had this year.

Feats are always sweet, but the process has been not sweet at all. In most parts, they taste so bitter. Problems and challenges have uncontrollably come along the way.

Now that I finished my subject this semester and Christmas vacation is approaching, I started to lie low in my activities.

I am now not so pressured with demands in work. I like the way I take things easily now compared to how I pushed myself to the limits for the past several months. In short, I just enjoy the chill.

With nothing else to worry, I am now enjoying reading books and watching movies. Not that, I haven’t read and watched in the previous weeks; but doing so now feels so rewarding because I don’t have to worry so much on things I have to submit or accomplish. This time, I enjoy the luxury of doing these activities without any burden at the back of my mind.

Growing older is indispensible. Slowing down is.

I have been so fast and active all the time, and this time, I chose to reverse the momentum.

I think I badly need this for me to move on to a greater battle.

I have never written and published anything these days. Probably, this one can be the start.


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