Something Wrong

I like Boy Abunda’s The Bottomline because the show offers a space for discussing important national issues by revealing different perspectives. In a way, it gives the public a slice of everything they should see and know on things that prompt us everyday.

I have watched few episodes since its pilot few years back. Very recently, I watched the episodes on Kto12 and on poetry reading. I enjoyed them as much as I learned from those episodes. I think the show is doing good, and its format gives itself an advantage for attracting and informing the public.

Unfortunately, one episode seems wrong, and it was the most recent episode discussing the issues on Grace Poe.

To be clear, I am not pro-Grace Poe. There is no way that I am going to vote for her if she will pursue her candidacy in 2016, but that is not my issue.

I just feel awkward that Mr. Abunda is doing an interview with various experts talking about the disqualification case of Poe and how legitimate her candidacy is.

Aside from previous experiences in the past, a TV ad of Mar Roxas obviously shows the presence of Mr. Abunda. Paid or not, his presence in Roxas’s commercial may indirectly reveals his loyalty for the upcoming election.

Since Poe and Roxas are rivals for the presidential post, Abunda’s appearance in Roxas’s ad and his episode on Grace Poe appear to be ironic.

Again, I am impressed with The Bottomline and this is nothing against Mr. Abunda himself. The show has proven its worth by receiving different awards through the years, and I believe that they deserve it.

I just feel upset about the latest episode. As a former journalist, I value the importance of objectivity and fairness in handling an editorial. The show belongs to the news and public affairs of the station. I hope accountability and responsibility will be taken into consideration for future episodes not only in the show and its station, but also in all that will handle issues regarding the election.


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