REVIEW: Everything About Her

Few days ago, I believe watching “Everything About Her” will not be a waste of time and money because of the award-winning cast, credible director, and of course, it’s a Star Cinema-produced movie.


So on the day of it’s premiere, my friends and I spent almost two hours to see the movie. I don’t usually make a review for movies I watch onscreen unless the movie made a great impact.


“Everything About Her” did create an impact, not because of the reasons I mentioned earlier, but because the movie as a whole is beautifully brilliant.


I did not notice the time, and I forgot my own worries in life just for a while because the movie is indeed riveting. I like the story and the wit in every twist. I appreciate the connections of every scene, character motivations, and character decisions. The dialogues are amazingly witty. I got hooked from one scene to another.


At first, I was afraid that the movie will be another cliché, but the entire screenplay presented an old-aged conflict in a new flavor that an audience like me will never refuse to delight with. Of course, conflicts such as family issues and facing death are not new to everyone; but the way these dilemmas are presented in the movie offered a fresh look on things that matter most.


I am not a fan of Angel and Vilma, but their performances in this movie were really great. The lines are really captivating and the plot is redemptive.  I literally laughed out loud and some scenes really did move me. Their characters evolved in such a way that is not forced yet unpredictable.


Finally, I’ll put down everything and strongly claim that this movie is something intelligent viewers should never miss. Apart from the experience, the movie did not only help me peer into the characters but it also make me see my self and life throughout the movie.


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