Teacher Man

When my hope and passion for teaching started to die, I found redemption after reading Frank McCourt’s Teacher Man.

IMG_20160207_102403I followed McCourt’s heart-wrenching tales from Angela’s Ashes and ‘Tis, and his latest offering to humanity hit me to the depths of my soul. Finally, I have known someone who share the same battles and burdens that I have as a teacher  man.


The Teacher Man, McCourt, tells his long rollercoaster experience as a public high school English teacher in various schools in America. He narrates anecdotes of his failures, successes, frustrations, dreams, heartaches, problems, and love stories in his teaching career. His account of remarkable experiences made my resurrection possible and attainable.


“The classroom is a place of high drama. You’ll never know what you’ve done to, or for, the hundreds coming and going. You see them leaving the classroom: dreamy, flat, sneering, admiring, smiling, puzzled. Find what you love and do it,” McCourt echoed in his final chapter.


There were days that I want to quit and forget the calling that I had responded few years ago. During those moments, I wanted to leave everything behind and neglect my mission to take part in educating young minds. Those days were dark, unbearable, and frightening.


After reading the book, I found myself back in shape. This reading experience made me love my vocation, Teacher Man.


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