Recharging Batteries

FACT: I feel extremely tired.

DESCRIPTION: No amount of attitude, passion, and dedication can ever sustain my declining and dying energy.

It’s really hard to be nice to people who are not nice to you. I’m not playing hypocrite here since I am at times not nice as well, but that’s beside what I feel and what I know right now.

Since the new year–2016–has started, I have dedicated myself in doing good things for others whether they ask it or not. I am not telling that I am a saint or someone who should people look up. It’s just my decision–a combination of civic duty and Christian character–to think on other people’s welfare although I still admit that I do not do them perfectly. Still, I am doing my best on this area in my life.

Love. Yes, that’s the primary ingredient why I do what I do. I make sure that everything I give is above mediocrity, and something that will benefit others (even to people who do not deserve it). I know how it feels to be given something I don’t deserve. Jesus has made me experience that over and over again.

But my problem now is this: I feel so tired and I think my tank will soon be empty because of kindness I continue to show that some people I know habitually abuse.

I feel that I need to recharge my batteries. They forced me into my limits. It’s really hard to give something that you think people have already abused.

I need a break. I need it badly.


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