The Silver Linings Playbook (Review)

After winning in Golden Globe and being nominated in Oscars,  Silver Linings Playbook caught my attention, so I watched the movie with my friend three years ago. It was a good decision.


The movie was great. The story was funny and inspirational. The movie has become one of my favorite films because I was able to relate on the story. The actors did a great job in portraying their roles. Bradley Cooper (Pat) and Jennifer Lawrence (Tiffany) worked together and brought out a very nice chemistry. Their acting is convincing, and the story line is riveting. I even watched  the movie several times and recommended it to other people.


Meanwhile, it was only this year that I heard from a friend that the movie was adapted from a book. I was surprised because I was really amazed with the movie, and I wasn’t aware that it came from a book. I regret that I did not know it earlier.


I got an ebook version of the book, and I finished reading it.


I don’t understand why Bradley Cooper  did not get the Oscars because he portrayed his role perfectly. When I was reading the book, I imagined Cooper acting as Pat. Besides, the entire plot was told in Pat’s point of view although there were parts of the story that were narrated through letters.


I am just disappointed that some of my favorite scenes in the movie did not actually appear in the book, but I am not saying that the movie is better than the book. Both works are actually good in different ways.


I will not forget the scene where Pat came to his parents in the middle of the night to complain about a certain story. Most punch lines are really comic.  I also want the part where  Tiffany burst in anger and walked out from their confrontation scene in a café which was actually the scene that was displayed in Oscars were Lawrence received her Best Actress Award. The book doesn’t also contain the bet and the twist in Tiffany and Pat’s participation in the contest. I enjoyed that part in the movie.


Of course, the book was the original; it contains parts that were also unique and appealing. I like the wit of Pat. He echoes a sentimental man who undergoes a crisis that other men usually experience. His voice is so honest and redemptive. It’s a good first novel for Matthew Quick. His insights on his relationship with his mother, father, sibling, friend, and others are really worth reflecting. I’m curious whether it’s only Pat and I experience those or maybe it’s experienced by the rest of humanity.


Again, I felt almost disappointed when some scenes in the movie did not actually appear in the story, but I am still glad how it ends. Quick gave justice to the ending for both of the characters.


As I said, Silver Linings is one of my favorite movies. For me, reading the book was also a worthwhile experience.


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