Writing. Writing. Writing.

It’s not everyday that I’m in the mood to force my thoughts to become words. That is something I have to work on, and I guess, I’m in progress.

Busy, chaotic schedule, and highly-demanding tasks might be an appropriate words to be written on my dog tag or perhaps in my epitaph. I hope I don’t have to put anything yet as if I am the one to put on it in the first place.

For a busy person like me, it’s hard to find time and enthusiasm to sit with my computer and try to play with words and practice my wit (if every I have any).

I guess it’s my two other hobbies lately that made me work with my mind as well. I’ve been on my 15th book for 2016, and I constantly have my exercise routines. Those two really helped me a lot to generate ideas that I can’t help but bring into life.

I am not a perfect writer, and that’s a brave admission. But I can’t find peace unless I make my insights said or written (no matter how few or many audience will be able to taste or digest). Scratch papers are my lovely companions these days.

For now, my hope is to sustain the momentum. Besides, I have to write the greatest assignment ever.

And I will. Really.


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