Love is a test. Make sure you pass.


GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS: Read the questions thoroughly, and write the BEST ANSWER. Follow your heart.

I. TRUE OR FALSE. Write TRUE if the statement is correct, FALSE if otherwise.

  1. It’s a wonderful feeling to fall in love.
  2. Forever and happy endings exist.
  3. People come and go.
  4. Moving on is a hard thing do.
  5. Mutual understanding is better than commitment.


II. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the letter of the correct answer. Choose only ONE!

After seven years, Andrew dumped Stephanie for another girl. Stephanie felt bad about the tragic ending of her love story. She should __________.

a.beg Andrew to come back to her life

b. look for another boyfriend immediately

c. cut her hair

d. stay in her room and cry all day and all night.


2. Katrina had a feeling that her boyfriend is a two-timer. She should _______.

a. get a new sim and text her boyfriend as someone else, then flirt with him

b. use a poser FB account, then flirt with him

c. give him the Best Boyfriend award

d. act normal


3. Mark feels irritated at Angela after their monthsary. He should _____.

a. ignore her  for one day

b. ignore her  for one month

c. ignore her for the rest of his life

d. remain sweet and forget what happened.


4. Dan felt bad when Tiffany broke up with him. After 24 hours, Tiffany and his best friend become officially together. Dan should _____.

a. congratulate Tiffany

b. congratulate his bestfriend

c. win Tiffany back

d. A and C


5. James likes Anna but he doesn’t have the courage to tell her his feelings. He should ______.

A. set a date with Anna

B. text her his feelings

C. post a status on FB that will give a hint to Anna

D. forget about what he feels


ESSAY. Write an essay with 100-150 words explaining your views on any of the following issues. Give relevant examples.

  1. The curse of jealousy
  2. The art of letting go
  3. The pain of being a rebound
  4. The end of faithfulness


Your answers reveal your expertise and mastery on love. 



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