Steve Jobs (Movie Review)


I’m not usually interested in watching movies that dwell on biography, but watching Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs gave me an amazing exception.

I like Boyle’s earlier work Slumdog Millionaire, and he did not disappoint me for his latest work. Boyle’s Steve Jobs, based on the book by Walter Isaacson and screenplay of Aaron Sorkin, tackles highlights and turning points of Steve Jobs in terms of career and relationships. The story begins with an argument before a big event that could make or break Steve Jobs and the rest of his team. The viewers will follow his catastrophes and witness how he was able to rise up again and bring millions of people around the world things we have never thought that we needed.


Even the most brilliant people have fears. The character of Steve Jobs played by Michael Fassbender presents a person that has great potential yet faces uncontrollable adversities that every person must learn to face.


“They don’t know what they are looking at, but they will know that they want it,” Jobs asserted in the film. Then, he added later, “They don’t know what they want until you show it to them.”


I have been using computer since I was Grade 3. In all stages of my academic life (except during my master’s education), I have to face facts on computer. I had a computer dictionary when I was in elementary and I had to memorize all the parts of the computer since then. When I was in third year high school, I forced myself to memorize the names of those people who battled for the development of the computer. It was only in college that I was able to master them all with understanding. I never knew why I had to know their names but I still did.


One of those names is Steve Jobs.


I like the characteristic of Steve Jobs. Some of my students have written research paper about Steve Jobs. That’s the time that I started to admire his philosophy and work ethic, but it is through watching the film that I was finally able to visualize ho w to meet a person like Steve Jobs.


We’re computer company. We can’t start late.”

 “We are never starting late.” These are the lines that are simple, yet they teach important lessons that people even beyond IT industry should ponder.


Meanwhile, Jobs imparts an important lesson on how to deal with difficult people while he himself is a difficult person to deal with.


Don’t criticize when you don’t understand.”

“Sometimes, you just keep saying what you want without listening.


As a whole, the movie gives a feel of how important it is to dream big and make all efforts to make the distance between reality and our dream closer. It’s a movie that make anyone rethink his dreams and aspirations in life.


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