On the Wings of Love

on the wings of love

On the Wings of Love, also known as OTWOL, gives the viewing public a different flavor to taste on.

I am a witness of different local primetime shows that have dominated and lost through the years. As always, the plot is always a  cliché even to what the networks claim for their top-rated shows. Of course, different names, twists, and gimmicks were present in all of them, and somewhat, they caught our hearts once in a while.

This has been a routine in primetime until OTWOL came.

I don’t usually watch TV anymore since I went to college, graduated, and started working. There are times that I just let the TV on because I don’t want total silence when I am doing my stuff at home.


I haven’t watched every episode of OTWOL, but every time I watch the show, I have never been disappointed. Peeking on some scenes is never a bad idea after all.

I believe I’m not just the only one. So what does it have that captured the hearts of millions of Filipino viewers:


Good Director

Antoinette Jadoene must be a great director and writer. In fairness, I like the two movies she directed, “That Thing Called Tadhana” and “You’re My Boss.” I also love the two movies that she wrote, “EOP” and “Walang Forever.” Her credibility on making quality films prevailed.  The shots and cinematography have a feel of watching a movie especially the scenes in US. I thought the shots will be back to normal when the setting switched in the Philippines. Unlike other teleseryes that tried hard for starting with a foreign country and bringing it back here, Jadoene’s quality has become consistent.


Perfect Love Team

I am not bitter, but I don’t like the idea of love teams. Sometimes, love teams have to pretend to have feelings to each other. There are times that love teams involve their personal relationships as part of a gimmick. But I guess, the team up of Nadine Lustre and James Reid is one of the great reasons why episodes of this show have touched many hearts. Their chemistry really works, and the acting is great to think that they are not veteran actors yet. Their connection is so sweet.



Unlike other series, it has few characters. Therefore, it has only few subplots. It made the characters stood out and made the audience see where they are really getting from. Walang hilaw. Character development makes the story riveting and easy to follow. The story is also raw. Although the conflicts that the characters face seem unoriginal, the way it was presented was indeed fresh and appealing.


I am sad that this series is about to end, but it’s okay. We can’t force a story to stay long and compromise the quality.

Congratulations to OTWOL team! Yes, there’s forever!


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