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My Experience at La Presa

At one point in my teaching career, I became an adviser of IX – Benguet. Of all the 30 plus sections among grade 9, our classroom was located solitarily above the school library. Actually, it was beside the old computer lab. Therefore, our class was the only section who stayed there permanently for the entire school year. Ours was in the AM session.


Its location was very far from civilization. My assignment as the adviser of that particular section was also the same time when “Forevermore” became a popular TV series having Benguet’s La Presa as the primary setting.


During those days, I had to face extreme battles of mountain climbing because it was far away from my three other classes and the faculty room. I wish there were ziplines or cable cars where I can transfer from IX-Benguet to other destinations. Imagine I had to teach them in the first period and it was harder during the Christmas season when we had to start our lesson when it was still dark.


Working with 69 students originally, I had to admit it, it was quite a different group of students that I had to handle. There were so many times that the class would either expect drama or comedy on different days. My experience was an epic.


That was the time that I was able to learn the skill of being a dramatic actor. To face young people with strong personalities, I had to be one. Or else, I would be a parrot that very people will listen to.  I made be a statue without an impact. Thus, I made several gimmicks to catch people’s attention and in the same way, teach valuable lessons. I had to lose my self and create an entirely different one just to make sure that my message was getting across.


The year was not smooth. It was rocky. There were students who witnessed a beast and me. I was hurt, and eventually hurt some people. That was a time of success, failure, and a combination of both. Although 2 people transferred out and 2 people dropped, I fought till the end that all students will finish the battle.


Although there were difficult circumstances, I will not forget the things that happened those years. I was very happy because of my thoughtful  students teven though they are insensitive sometimes. There was a time that I was mad and nobody noticed because I still taught the lessons as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, I appreciate the little things that showed their appreciation to me as their teacher. I was able to gain respect, by eventually lessening my tendency to impose it and trusting my faith on earning it.


There were so many fun memories that I will always remember.  A student reminded me that I asked some of them to run from one side of the hallway to another to be admitted in the room since we were the only people on our floor. Some of my jokes were bought by students even my corniest ones. Above all, I was able to know people with distinct talents. Because of them, I was able to survive the year.


All my advisory classes marked in my life and my stories about them were already told in my previous posts/articles. IX – Benguet, like the others, will stay in my heart forever. There is forever in La Presa.


The setting, the people, the events, and all make this memory special. Now, they must be preparing for the next stage of their life. I hope they’ll get what they really want.


Being an adviser in La Presa taught me to understand the trivialities in humanity.


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