Blessings Overload

When I sang and prayed last Sunday, I told God all the things that I was feeling and yearning that time.

In the past few weeks since the start of 2016, I’ve been reflecting why God haven’t sent me into breakthroughs yet. Like what I mentioned before, I did not get what I prayed for last January. I believe then that what I prayed for was not for me. I was feeling anxious what was going on with my life until God surprised me again.


I have so much blessings this week that I am not sure if I deserve all of them. I just realize with my experience this week that God will always show the impossible whenever we need something.


A powerful message a while ago went like this: “When he was unfaithful to God, God was faithful to Him.” I really felt and understood what grace really is.


If last week, I relearned the idea that Jesus is not only Lord because He really is, but He must be Lord in all aspects of our life. I’ve realized today that somewhat we might have the lost notion of Jesus is Savior.

Jesus is not just a Savior for saving us from our sins, but He continually saves us every day in our battles.  I am glad that He is my hero anywhere and anytime.


If last week, I praised God because of being weak. Today, I praised God for being blessed.  Worship doesn’t choose circumstances because God deserves praises from His children.


I can’t stop smiling.


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