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Different industries and organizations conduct inventory once in a while. My own dictionary define inventory as “to make or include in an itemized record or report.” This process is important to ensure that the supply is still enough for normal flow of activities.

Because of what I have just discovered now, I realized that we have to check also the people whom we think are valuable to keep. Based on my recent experience, I prepared a list of things to consider whether to keep or let go people around us.

#1 Know their loyalty

I’ve been teaching for many years, and whenever I ask students what quality they value in friendship, most of them will answer loyalty. Although many qualities are important in friendship, loyalty should never be at the bottom of the list. People who can’t be loyal or who can be loyal in good times are never worth-keeping.

#2 Listen

Most of the time, we listen to the people close to us. We laugh and cry with them, and enjoy every moment we share company with. However, we have to listen too to what they tell behind our back. Those kind of people should be on top of disposable people that we have to discard in our life before it’s too late. Backstabbers are the worst friend ever. Beware!

#3 Observe if they really care

It’s not bad to trust people and count on them believing that they will do something about a problem. Unfortunately, it’s not acceptable when you count on them and they do something in reverse. I am not usually the type of person who will try to solve a feud, but recently, I braved myself and gave it a try. Sad to say, I think my decision was not right after all.

#4 Look on the goodness

I am not checking credentials or what I can get to people when I choose friends and I believe the world should have the same mantra. I think most do, but not all. Believe it or not, I am not picky with people whom I trust. I always look on the goodness of the person. If this criteria is not met, I’d rather stay in the acquaintance zone.

I don’t’ usually conduct inventory, but this time. I had to, and I did. I find it urgent and necessary.

Keep the people who are loyal, tactful, caring, and good.


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