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Mountains Are Real


A week ago, my friends and I climbed a very high mountain at noontime just to reach a unique lighthouse in Baler. Of course, reaching the top was not as easy an any walk in the park.

We arrived at the beach at 11:30 A.M. At first, we thought that the lighthouse was just along the shore. To our surprise, we found out that the light house is located on the mountaintop. The sight of the light house was extremely challenging. After few minutes of climbing under the scorching heat of the sun, we victoriously reached the top and saw the beautiful view of the sea. It felt like we were in Batanes.

Since it was noontime and the mountain was so high, we thought that reaching th
e top was impossible. When we accomplished our goal, I realized that anything is possible with faith and determination.

When 2016 started, I was very hopeful about the direction of this year. Unfortunately, I must admit that I was somehow doubtful at times. There were moments that I was clouded with fear and I worried so many times whenever new obstacles and challenges come on my way.

My experience in Baler, however, reminded me that our challenges are like mountains that we have to overcome. They come in our life in huge sizes and magnitude, but we have to trust God that He will make everything possible in our lives. Seeing the horizons and the beautiful views, I can say that at the end of a difficult trek is a rewarding experience.

From now on, I’ll be brave enough to overcome more mountains.


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