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Falls and Taking Risks

For the entire school year, I have been extremely boxed with routines. Every day seemed to be the same story. Although I am passionate in my career, I found my self on the same area of the map. Most moments were often routinary and predictable. Meeting the deadlines and preparing materials have been the cause I had to win daily and the price that I have to pay was somewhat insurmountable. In short, the year was indeed stressful and excruciating.


That is why our Bolinao trip meant a lot to me.


Last March 25, our team went to Patar, Bolinao to have some rewarding experience after our highly-demanding project. Officially, it was my first summer adventure for 2016.


Although Patar was known for its beach sites and rock formation, my most memorable experience in Bolinao was the time when we stayed in Bolinao Falls.


Technically, Bolinao Falls was the third (and highest) water falls that I’ve seen. It was pretty high and the water was somewhat deep and rocky.


When we arrived, my friends rented life jacket, and I did not even though I do not actually know how to swim. I braved it all to soak myself in the water. I realized that there are times that we have to go with the flow and avoid playing safe. When that happens, fun and exciting things might actually happen. It was more thrilling to move in the water because I have the thinking that I might drown if I will step on a deeper part of the water. That makes it exciting.


Another bold decision I made was to jump off from the top of the waterfalls. I have never done this kind of activity ever since. Since I am not an expert swimmer, I borrowed life jacket from a friend. Although I heard that the water is 30 feet deep, I did not hold back. When I prepared my fall, my legs were shaking and I felt that my blood that ran in my body was shouting for fear. It took me half a minute before I finally trusted God and jumped off.


I did it.


I drank a very small amount of water. But I did it.


When I swam near the shore, I felt a different kind of fulfillment. I made it.


Sometimes, we really need to step out of comfort zone and find what is there for us. It was not something I usually do every day. That is why I did not waste the opportunity when it came.


Now, I am ready for more risky adventures.



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