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What I Learned in Trekking

I’ve been to Baler so many times, but my latest adventure includes a trek in Mother Falls.

At first, my knowledge on this particular landmark was limited to what I saw in the Internet. Most of the things I know about Mother Falls were stories told by people who experienced trekking there.

Our Mother Falls experience was the last part of our trip in Baler last April 1 to 4. This nature wonder was not actually located in Baler, but it is in San Luis (a municipality next to Baler). It’s 30 to 40 minutes travel from Baler town proper. When we got there, I knew I would learn something.


I am not talking about just the entrance fee for nature tripping, but I am referring to the price of effort that we had to pay to see the wonders of Mother Falls. To reach the destination, we had to walk for another 30 to 40 minutes. Most of the time, we are used to convenience. We cling to the idea that when we want something, we will get it easily. No sweat. To experience Mother Falls is to pay the price in order to make it happen. There are no short cuts.


Although Mother Falls was the highlight of that journey, I was amazed with the flowing water coming from the falls. The trek itself was fun and exciting. Along the way, I found the views spectacular that I can’t contain myself in awe with God’s wonderful creation. I was able to appreciate what God made for us. In life, it’s not always the destination that only matters. We have to enjoy the process, the journey.


I was tempted to take as many pictures as I can for me to document our trek, but when we reached Mother Falls itself, I couldn’t help but soaked my self in the waters. The water was cold and relaxing. The experience was more wonderful than any photo I can have for it. The memory of the experience, for me, was enough to cherish.


When we returned to our vehicle, my friend’s slippers were worn out. Seeing her difficult situation, I volunteered to lend her my slippers making me end up walking barefooted. At first, I found it challenging. However, along the way, I started feeling hurt as I walked on the gravelly path. That moment, I realized the value of slippers. It would be very difficult to walk without our flip flops. We just use them every day and sometimes lost them in our own house. Without them, life would be full of pain. Most of the time, we do not notice the importance of things in our life until they’re gone.

I’ll never forget our Mother Falls trek. Of course, the lessons will remain forever.



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