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Stop the hate, Start the love


For most people who knew me, they know that I am a social media creature. I post and express what I often feel especially if it is worth sharing.


Now that the Presidential election draws nearer, I have been airing some safe but principled reactions on what I grasp on media since this is the only exposure that I have among the candidates. Still, I  have been very discrete on who’s personality I am going to support neither do I make efforts on campaigning them. For legal matters, I think my actions are naturally acceptable. As much as I want to flaunt my opinions, I decided to stay cool and share not too much on social media because I want to appear disinterested (of course, not uninterested).


Besides legal matters, I avoid debates with my actual friends and social media friends because it’s not us who should be debating in the first place, but the candidates who are vying  the position and craving for our votes. I don’t want to force others to have the same opinion as mine because that is an impossible thing to do. We will always have different perspectives, and we will always see the side of the coin differently. Also, I don’t want to instigate a fire and start a feud.


Last presidential election, I learned my lesson. I was a supporter of a candidate that it came to the point that I posted several campaign pictures on facebook. A friend of mine commented and that started a heat between us. Even her mother joined the heating discussion until our relationship got sour. In that incident, both parties were losers because nobody wins in a fight. With that experience, I decided not to involve myself in heavy debates and discussions anymore in social media. In case I’ll do it, I prefer it to be done in person since the nonverbal and other cues cannot be misquoted and misunderstood unlike in social media where people can misinterpret and misread your message.


I am not defending or posting a lot, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t care for our country’s future. I care and worry on my vote as much as those who are campaigning and parading their sentiments on Facebook and other social media. In the first place, I am paying a share of what the government is spending to put all its programs in full operation. I am also the recipient of any service of the government. Whoever wins, his or her projects and programs will not affect only my lifetime but the life of our children and our children’s children.


My silence and the others do not mean that we don’t mind what’s going on. As voters and natives of this land, we will not gamble our vote for any candidate that is not authentically service-oriented and efficient leader.


As for the bottom line, I think instead of fighting each other, we have to check our conscience and be responsible to do our assignment in scrutinizing the candidates and finally choosing who’s the best among the choices that are given to us. We should not be swayed by what we hear and what we see immediately because we do not have the guarantee that what we consume is the truth.


At the end of the day, we have our right and power to vote. Whether we said something or not, we will be casting just one vote. I hope each of our vote counts.


I hope we will make our right choice.


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