Team Bahay

I now belong to Team Bahay.

That’s how millennials call people who stay at home while the rest of humanity are enjoying themselves elsewhere.

No, it’s not actually as boring as we put it in our minds.

For a week now, I am enjoying it. As far as I remember, I only went out once to see my friends in a bubble tea shop, and that only lasted for 2 hours. Meaning, I’ve spent all my week in our peaceful domicile, literally.

Staying at home for me is fine while others are going out of town. I’ve been out of town twice since March, and for a while, that’s enough.



Given in to the demands of my work, I’ve spent more or less ten months to run various errands that squeezed me into the fullest. The tower of paperworks was extremely overwhelming as they have been increasing day after day. I have to wake up early in the morning and sleep late at night and fulfill the duties of a busy teacher while taking up duties in the graduate studies along the sidelines. Although there were breaks where I have to relax and see special people in the process, I only saw them as an escape, and I can’t help but go back to the real world every now and then.

After submitting my clearance and distributed the report cards of excited students, I felt relieved because my duty as a teacher and adviser has temporarily ended. After then, my summer vacation started.

All the things that I have to do over and over everyday has come to stop. Finally, for once in my life, I am free from burden and anxiety. I am not saying that I hate my job. I am just expressing that my job is not as simple as any walk in the park. Every teacher like me deserves a  real relaxing break.



My lifestyle has changed dramatically  especially this week. I’ve done things that I have never experienced even occasionally for the past 10 months.

I wake up late. When I say late, the latest was 10:00 A.M.

I sleep anytime I want. Sometimes, I sleep as early as 8 P.M. Other times, I sleep as late as 3 P.M.

I spend 8 to 10 hours sleeping. If I consider this us catching up moments, I will love catching up with my sleep forever. I love sleeping these days. However, I don’t take naps anymore, which is okay. Unfortunately, it is harder for me to sleep at night. I can’t help reminiscing and reflecting when I lie on my bed.

If I felt guilty reading books for pleasure in the past 10 months, I now feel relaxed reading one book after another without worrying that I have errands to accomplish. I have the time to plunder my book shelf and look for a fancy book that will satisfy my mood to read.

I eat anytime I want as long as the fridge don’t go elsewhere.


With all these perks, I am looking forward for another two weeks to have the same lifestyle.

I should enjoy it until it lasts. Happy summer!


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