God Loves Surprises

I’ve been reading various books by different writers who talk about God’s blessings and provisions in some of their chapters.  I didn’t know that what they are saying in their books have already been happening to me since then, but since I ‘ve understood these perspectives recently, I’ve started to notice them every time they come into my life.


It’s true. Our mind is too limited to contain the great things that can happen in our lives. There are so many times that I dream so high and aim several goals that I have to reach from time to time. But no matter how much I plan my life in a detail that shows the natural order of things, God will always come along and surprise me with His plans. His plans, are indeed, greater than ours. And those plans are always for the better and to bring us into our best.


As of now, the greatest gift I have is faith. I am a living witness of God’s perfect and wonderful grace. I’ve been praying for something these days, and He has never failed me. He always gives the best.


I am really thankful.


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