Winning Experiences as BEI

In my second year of service in the public school, I had the privilege of serving in the presidential election as a member of the Board of Election Inspector, also known as BEI. To preserve this wonderful memory, let me highlight my unforgettable experience:


    • Checking and trusting that the voting counting machine (VCM) will work efficiently in the presence of poll watchers (thrilling and amazing)
    • Keeping myself from posting my biases on certain candidates while the entire nation are voicing out their preferred candidates  (tempting, intense self-control); posting general comments became my other outlet
    • Watching and reading news has become a vital habit
    • Paying attention to final instructions (listening skills turned on)
    • Serving and watching 532 voters from all walks of life cast their votes (among the most significant memory I’ll treasure for life)
    • Relieved that poll watchers were considerate, patient, cooperative, and helpful
    • Transmitting election results (the most challenging part)
    • Returning the materials  to COMELEC headquarters (sweaty and haggard mode)
    • Staying awake for more than 32 hours



    • Watching the news and embracing the feeling that your part of the history
    • Hoping for the best for the Filipino people







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