Wall Climbing



I can’t remember anymore if I really experienced wall climbing in high school or I just thought I did, so I am counting my recent experience in Sandbox as my first legit one.


After 2 years of wanting to visit Sandbox in Porac, Pampanga, my friends and I finally found our feet in this adventure-filled site. There are six activities that we enjoyed, and one of my most unforgettable accomplishments was wall climbing.


My two friends tried first. Zana was able to make it almost halfway, but Karen only made it on the first two rocks.


When it was my turn, I felt confident that I can make it. However, I felt anxious that I might not be able to finish it. I was glad that my friends and the support staff were generous in giving encouragements.


I followed everything I was instructed. I let the force come from my feet instead from my arms. I stepped my feet in opposite directions. I placed my chest near the wall.


When I reached half of the climb, I felt tired already. It was excruciating. The sight downward was frightening. I felt like I was being pulled by gravity.  My muscles were getting weak.


I tried to climb some more, but a part of me wanted to quit. I even shouted to the support staff that I was willing to quit, and let him loosen the rope, but he shouted and encouraged me that I can finish it. He stressed that I was too close to the  top.


I listened to him and ignored the voice within that I should stop. I gave my best and my remaining strength. Fortunately, I reached the top.


I realized that things will get even more difficult as we come closer to our goals. In order to win, we should continue the fight and never quit. Fight!


I’m thankful that God is always there. I’ve never lost my energy.


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