End of May

After a  busy week, I tried to relax on our sofa and contain myself.


I began to be anxious because May is about to end so soon. Although I have accomplished many things already and visited a few places in two months, I still cannot believe that this vacation season will soon be over.


In my still moments, I tried to recall the significant things that happened in the past 2 months and in the past years. I traced the dots and evaluated which went well and which did not. I also visualized the things that I should do,  must do, and want to do.


At this  moment, my mind is full of clutter, and I guess this is the proper time to get my act together and start anew. I have several priorities in my present life while my dreams are waiting tomorrow.


Like the way I put my thoughts in this entry, I will trust on the idea that this life of mine is still on progress. I have to revise this one as I revise my plan and trust everything to the One who created me.


I am blessed with many things, and for now, I need to keep moving…


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