When times are tough, God says “I’m here”

Many things have happened, and some have changed but God’s love and greatness have remained.


If placed in a book, my story since I followed and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior seem to be contained in many chapters already, but the story of the love of Jesus continue to surprise me in a way that I always consider fresh and captivating.


I don’t think if I will ever recover from the dirt, bitterness, and curse of sin if I had not chosen Christ to be the center of my life. I am not saying I am already perfect now, or I can be emulated as a saint, but my life would be worse if I haven’t encountered Christ in my life. Although my spiritual birth happened almost a decade ago, I will always treasure and remember that decision that I made. Every time we sing praises to Him during  service, I always feel the sweetest gesture that Christ has done for me and for all of us when He decided to sacrifice and pay the price of our sins. No music and lyrics can match the gravity of the love of a Savior.


While I remember the faithfulness of the Lord through the years, I am amazed how He continues to be with me at present, and I am assured that He will always be there as long as I live. Although I fail Him so many times already through my sins and unkept promises, He remained faithful in me and His promises. I can’t imagine living this life, especially this adult life, without Jesus in my life. I am glad that no matter what I have done in the past, He always makes me feel that I am welcome to His arms and like the prodigal son in the parable, I can always come home and He will always run to me.


I don’t usually write, reflect, or post something about my faith, my spiritual experiences, and encounters especially these days since I am too focused with my studies, my career, and other adult duties that I have. I still go  to church and commit myself to spiritual disciplines, but I admit that I do not do everything withthe same gravity that I had when I was still part of the youth ministry.


Actually, this is  so sudden because when I had my devotion today, which I think is very essential and timely, I have realized that I need God more than ever in my battles at present and to my aspirations today and tomorrow.  He has been there, and I have no doubt that He was the reason why I accomplished the tasks that I had to finish. In my quiet moments, I realized how God has written and rewritten my life, which make me wonder even more and appreciate the meaning of grace. After His sacrifice in the cross, my daily blessings, provisions, and protection have been a living testament of a living and gracious Lord.


Life might be tiring most of the time, and I am reminded of my life verse, Matthew 11:28, which I remember not only by words, but by its realness in my life all these years. Whenever I get fed up with deadlines, trials, and other clutter around me, all I have to do is call Him. The distance of Heaven and earth is nothing compared to the love of God and His child. Yes, I am tired, but I am sure I’ll get well very soon.


More and greater battles are coming, and I am no longer afraid. So help me God!



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