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Demo Teaching Experience

After being in never-ending vacation escapades, we came back to school to report and attend our In-Service Training. At first, I had to adjust my mindset that school days are indeed coming back so soon. The lectures and workshops went so well, but the big surprise on our first day came during our dismissal time.


My friend and I were assigned to have demo teaching to be presented with our fellow teachers. It’s ironic that my name has rarely been drawn in raffle draws, but it was picked for the demo teaching. What’s more surprising was the news that I would be the only one to have the demo in our department. The news came when I already made lesson plans for my friend and me.


I didn’t want to be stressed, so I accepted it wholeheartedly. Besides, it is the first time that I will be performing such kind of assignment, so I decided to make it right.


Since it was my first time, I had to prepare my lesson in the best way possible within two days. Highlighting multimedia is another challenging part of this assignment.  I asked my fellow campus paper writer way back in college who happened to teach the same lesson to share her lesson plan. I asked my cousin who is a New Zealander, to record a video for some instructions. All in all, I had to beat the time and prepare things, which uphold higher standards. It was difficult, but it was fun.


On June 8, I had my demonstration teaching. My students were teachers from Filipino Department, and my critique was our department chairman. The sweat and all my efforts paid off. Thank God, I was able to accomplish the things that I planned even though some parts were cut due to time constraints.


Rapport to students, use of strategies, routines, processing questions, and classroom management were pointed out as my strengths. Meanwhile, I have to improve the abstraction part of the lesson because of fuzzy instructions.


I really enjoyed the experience. Because of that, I am excited to face the new school year with a bang!


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